Cheswick Green Methodist Church

Weekly Events


  • Sunday Service


    Sunday Services in March 2019 will be led by:

    3rd March        HOLY COMMUNION   led by Rev Vicki Atkinson

    10th March      MORNING WORSHIP led by Elizabeth Mafusire

    17th March      MORNING WORSHIP led by Rev Lorraine Shorten

    24th March      MORNING WORSHIP led by Mrs Annette Sampson


    Sunday services in April 2019 will be led by :

     7th April          HOLY COMMUNION  led by Rev Vicki Atkinson 

    14th April         PALM SUNDAY WORSHIP led by Mr Alan Wildbur

    21st April         EASTER SUNDAY COMMUNION led by Rev Vicki Atkinson (at Earlswood Methodist Church, B94 5JR)

    28th April         MORNING WORSHIP led by Mr Gareth Davies

    Sundays Services in May 2019 will be led by:

    5th May       HOLY COMMUNION led by Rev Vicki Atkinson

    12th May    MORNING WORSHIP led by Mr Eric Fawthrop

    19th May    MORNING WORSHIP led by Mrs Margaret Murphy

    26th May    MORNING WORSHIP led by Mrs Marjories Evans


  • Boys Brigade

    6:45PM Weekly

    Boys Brigade is a group meeting in CHESWICK GREEN VILLAGE HALL  that organises fun games and activities for boys of all ages.

    ANCHORS (5-7 years) - Tuesdays 6.45-7.45pm

    JUNIORS (7-11 years)  - Tuesdays 6.45-8.15p.m

    SENIORS (11 years +)  - Tuesdays 7.45-9.30p.m 

    Boys Brigades all over the country encourage boys to learn new skills and to work towards badges recognising their achievements.  Historically the Boys Brigade grew out of the Christian Church's wish to see all boys achieve their potential and Cheswick Green Boys Brigade keeps its links with Cheswick Green Methodist Church through having a Chaplain and through invites to Church parades and special services.  One of the highlights of the BB year is their summer camp.  For more information about Cheswick Green Boys Brigade, please contact Rev Vicki Atkinson (TEL: 01564 703302) who will put you in touch with the BB leaders.

  • Bible Study Groups

    7:30PM Seasonally

    During particular seasons of the year, like Advent and Lent, we share a Bible Study Group with our sister church in Earlswood.  These usually take place at Earlswood Methodist Church (Corner of Wood Lane & Rumbush Lane, B94 5JR) on Tuesday evenings 7.30-9p.m  Please contact us for further details.

Special events

  • Sorry, there are no special events this week.